Conditions of Participation for the, Zillger & M´┐Żller GbR, D-53773 Hennef

The participation in the event LAB-SUPPLY are taken on a basis which the exhibitor acknowledges herewith.

1. Exhibition area

1.1. The respective exhibition area is determined by the booked running metres. The table measurements are usually:

  • depth approx. 60 until 100 cm (according to condition)
  • standard height approx. 73 cm

1.2. The respective exhibition area can be also used without any tables (e.g. for security cabinets). The setup of a promotional screen is allowed. In this case, please consider that you are bound to the width of your booked metres. (e.g. 2 running metres table space equal 2 running metres exhibition space)

1.3. The table price include the stated electricity connections from the registration form. Special requests may be charged extra.

1.4. The designation of the exhibition area is done by the organizer. The allocation can only be changed with the approval of the organizer.

1.5. The spacial allocation of the tables is made by the organizer and can only be changed with its approval.

2. Attendance obligation

2.1. The participant is committed to supervise and look after his stand during the complete opening hours of the trade fair.

2.2. The setup has to be completed by the time the exhibition starts. The removal can only be started after the official end of the trade fair. The removal has to be completed within two hours after the end of the exhibition.

3. Liability and guard

3.1. The organizer is not responsible for the duty of care of the stand or the exhibits. Furthermore the exhibitor has to guarantee the fire safety of his entire stand.

3.2. The organizer is neither liable for material nor physical damage. The organizer therefore recommends to effect a indemnity insurance to the exhibitors.

3.3. The disclaimer of liability in favour of the organizer applies even if monitoring measures have to be taken.

4. Payment terms

4.1. The invoice amount is to be transferred without subtraction and including the invoice number within 14 days after account rendering. The amount is to be transferred to the account of the organizer.

The date of receipt of the payment on the listed account is relevant

4.2. A cancellation fee of 25% of the invoice amount is to be paid, as long as the cancellation is received by the organizer 30 running days before the beginning of the event. If the cancellation is done later than that the invoice amount remains without substraction.

5. Conduct of the event

The participant is instructed that the event will only take place if a sufficient amount of registrations was received by the organizer. The organizer will therefore keep the liberty to decide if the exhibition takes place. The organizer will remain unaffected within 30 running days before the start of the event.

Hence the registration remains as an contract offer. The contract formation is due, if the organizer remains to cancel the event within 30 running days before the beginning of the exhibition and the invoice amount is received on the account of the organizer.

The organizer reserves the right to change the venue (city, location) as well as the date of the event, according to circumstances, up to 30 days before the respective event.

The exhibitor agrees that the pictures taken during the exhibition (exhibitors and equipment) may be used for advertising purposes of the LAB-SUPPLY.

6. Choice-of-forum clause

The company office of the organizer is the applicable venue for all possible litigations arising out of this contractual relationship.